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Gross Motor – Toddlers

There are tons of fun and simple ways to promote gross motor skills in your child between ages 1 and 2.  And the best part of kids at this age is that they’re curious about everything, which makes it easy to get their attention and engage in exploration, climbing, and learning about how their bodies move in space. Read article – HERE! from The Inspired Treehouse.

Tips to Help Children Build Fine Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are the skills related to the strength, dexterity and coordination of the small muscles in your hands, fingers and wrists.

Why are Fine Motor Skills Important?

Fine motor skills are one of the most fundamental functions developed in early childhood. They are crucial for children to be able to fulfill their basic needs, such as to buttoning a shirt, and to succeed in school. As early childhood educators, one of our main responsibilities is to offer opportunities to children to strengthen their fine motor skills.

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